Italy – May 2017 Update

Okay. I admit it. I was far too boastful in my trip planning. After thinking about it (logically and financially) we’ve made some changes to our trip.

Here’s the thing – as much as I love Italy (and I really do) there are some cities *cough*Venice*cough* that I want to go to once and feel as though I don’t need to go back. We also realized there was more we wanted to see and do in Emilia Romagna.

Here it goes:

Day 1: Land in Venice at 7:30am. Take a nap and stroll around.
Day 2: Venice tour day!
Day 3: Day trip from Venice to Burano.
Day 4: Drive to & tour Verona.
Day 5: Drive to Bologna, stopping at Parma.
Day 6: Bologna tour day!
Day 7: Day trip from Bologna to Modena.
Day 8: Train from Bologna to Rome!!
Days 9 & 10: Tour Roma.
Day 11: Fly home.

Last weekend we booked all of our accommodations so now it’s just time to plan our tours!!

If anyone has any recommendations or tips for these cities, please share!


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