Amsterdam Canal Tour

Almost everyone recommended going on a canal tour while in Amsterdam, and as I was doing my research I found the perfect company to take us – Those Dam Boat Guys! The name alone got my attention because who doesn’t love a good pun? After reading their description, I knew this tour would be something we would end up loving.

Here’s the description on their site, “Join us on the beautiful canals of Amsterdam for exactly the experience you’re looking for. Those Dam Boat Guys want you to enjoy the sights and sounds from a small, silent, electric boat and learn about the stranger than fiction history of this weird jigsaw puzzle of a city we call home. Bring whatever you’d like to eat, drink, and smoke (wink wink) if you feel so inclined. Pat yourself on the back because you’ve found the best, most laid back, fun and informative boat tour in Amsterdam.”

I’ll cut to the chase – this was one of the best tours we’ve ever done!

We met Alex, our guide, at a small cafe (that happened to be on the same canal as our hotel). He was immediately warm and kind, making sure none of us was run over by a bike on our way to the boat. As we all climbed aboard he told us it would rain (so it wouldn’t), offered blankets and asked where we wanted to go. I believe the general consensus was to “see cool sh*t” and we were off!


What a great way to see such a fabulous city! Alex was hilarious and knowledgeable. The group was chill – all sharing drinks and snacks. IMG_2942IMG_2945IMG_2947We learned a lot about the Dutch and their way of life – a lot of which we hope North America picks up on soon! IMG_2950IMG_2944At one point on the open water we ran into the other two “Dam Boat Guys” who were making a music video for one of the guys’ wife’s birthday. They pulled the two boats together and asked us to be a part of it. Uh, of course!
IMG_7052The entire tour was so great we were sad when it ended just over 90 minutes later, but what an experience!IMG_2951IMG_2958Alex afterwards gave us a few great restaurant recommendations, one we tried that night and was phenomenal! I would definitely recommend Those Dam Boat Guys if anyone is looking for a unique and fun canal tour in Amsterdam.

Tip: Don’t be like me! I booked the tour for the wrong date and only realized when they called asking where were were (uh, still in Toronto). The guys were awesome about it and we fixed everything so that we could be at our tour on the proper date.


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