La Sagrada Familia – A Spiritual Experience

I was raised with religion and believe in some higher power but, truthfully, haven’t practiced religion in a long time.

Walking up to and into La Sagrada Familia, though, was a spiritual experience. I’m going to be completely honest, the place was packed with individuals and groups visiting – great for the church because that’s how they’re funding the completion. Not great because, I feel that it took away from the experience a little.

Outside La Sagrada Familia

The detail and work that went into the facades of the church are jaw dropping and stunning – no wonder it’s taking so long to complete. There is still a lot of work to be done, though, and they’re hoping for completion in 2026.


Inside La Sagrada Familia

Once inside, the church comes to life! Gaudi was influenced by the natural world, as you can see from the tree-like pillars inside. An incredible amount of stained glass and natural light illuminate the entire church. It is so easy to feel at peace here.

As we were walking around (and waiting for our time to go up the tower) Ave Maria started to play through the speakers. I sat down on one of the side benches and started to cry. Experiencing one of the most unique churches in existence with a stunning rendition of Ave Maria playing, I was genuinely moved to tears.


The View from the Tower

We paid for the trip up the tower. Though it wasn’t worth the money, we did get a great view of Barcelona.




  • Buy your tickets online. Even with these tickets you will have to stand in a line.
  • Get the audioguide with your ticket online. Note: this is a second line you must get into, after you pass into the gates.
  • The trip up the tower extra was not worth the extra money, in my opinion. You got one or two good views and then basically walk down a stairwell.
  • Plan for an hour to an hour and a half maximum. Unless you’d like to hang out in the church for longer.
  • Consider buying a hop on hop off bus tour for two days and have this and the Parc Guell be one of your two days. The hop on hop off tour we did stopped at both of those right after each other.

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