Italy’s Heel: Road Trip

Our third trip back to Italy (in three years, we are I am obsessed), we thought we’d see some of the south. My Italian cousin, Umberto, had shared his love of the south despite being Roman, and we had never been any further south than the Amalfi Coast so we thought why not? The original plan was to get to the south and take a boat across to Greece. Unfortunately, boats don’t run any earlier than mid June and since we bought our flights already we decided to make the best of it.

The idea was we would have a few home bases and do day trips to different towns. First things first, we planned where our home bases would be – Bari, Brindisi, Lecce and, finally, Matera. We basically wanted to try to cover all of Italy’s “heel”.

We took a train from Rome down to Bari and set ourselves up in our hotel. Our first day there we walked around the town and made our way to a car rental place. Now we had our wheels to get out and explore – and that’s just what we did! Each day we made it to a new place (or two) and at the end of our time we drove back to Bari and trained it back to Rome.

We did very little planning of our day-to-day, which made it one of my favourite trips. No pressure to see everything, just driving to a new place, walking around and enjoying the adventure.

Here are the places we visited in the 10 days:

Polignano A Mare
Santa Maria di Leuca
Porto Cesareo

The people of the south were lovely, though it was a different feel to the rest of Italy. That’s part of what I love about Italy, though. Every province has it’s own food and personality. The south was stunning. More beautiful then I ever imagined. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back!

In the future, I’ll definitely be sharing a little more about my favourite towns on this trip.

Have you ever been to the south of Italy? What was your favourite town?

Quick Take_.jpg


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