Lisbon 2016

We fell in love with Lisbon on our last trip and knew we wanted to get back. We positioned Lisbon at the end of our trip for a few reasons:

  1. It would be a close city to fly home from as it’s pretty far west in Europe.
  2. We’ve been there so we have a comfort level and it’s always nice to end a trip that way.
  3. We figured we’d be tired so we had planned a few beach days to relax before coming home.

We also realized this return trip would be a perfect time to get to do some of the things we missed the first time ’round like the Castelo Sao Jorge. Unfortunately when we got there and looked at the weather forecast, we realized we’d have less beach days than originally planned which meant more strolls around the city. All fine by us!

We got extra lucky because we were there the last weekend of the month – the only weekend there is a market in the Praca Figueira. The market was filled with local artisans making clothes and jewellery, a fabulous port sangria area, cheese, meats, honey, the works! We visited twice for lunch and ate pork sandwiches, chorizo plates, a fabulous sandwich that had meat and melted cheese, all while drinking our sangria and beer! What a fun market, covered from the inevitable rain.

Here are some snaps from this year’s Lisbon visit:


I’m so glad we made it back to Lisbon! I can’t think of a better way to end a vacation!


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