Quick Take: Cinque Terre

We visited Cinque Terre on our (now annual) Eurotrip in 2013. Here is the quick take!

Visited: May, 2013
Days in Cinque Terre: 4
Travelled to Cinque Terre by: Train from Florence
Stayed at:
A Ca Du Gigante in Monterosso Al Mare

Favourite town:
 We loved four of the five towns that make up Cinque Terre. I can’t pick just one favourite, but Corniglia was our least favourite.
Favourite restaurants: Belvedere (for the fish stew baked in terre cotta), Cantina di Milky and Il Massimo della Focaccia.
Favourite views: The view coming into Vernazza on the hike from Monterosso al Mare to Vernazza.
Must Do: 
A hike. Visit each of the five towns by train (or hike, though only the one trail was open when we went) – if you don’t have time, skip Corniglia. Take a boat trip.
If you have time: Spend a day on the beach.

Quick Take_Cinque Terre


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