Love in the Amalfi Coast

There are few places I’ve been to that are more picturesque then the Amalfi Coast. When planning our honeymoon in early 2012, I knew two things: I wanted to visit Rome, and I wanted some days on the beach to relax. It took all of four seconds to decide on the Amalfi Coast for the second week of our honeymoon.

As we started to research, we decided to stay in Praiano, a smaller town wedged in between Positano (the famous town everyone thinks of when you say “Amalfi”) and the town of Amalfi, itself. Since we wanted to relax, we thought the smaller town would be perfect and it was!

Here are some of my favourite memories from the Amalfi Coast:

The Views

IMG_0636 R

You never tire of seeing this outside of your bedroom window.

Beautiful Ceramic Painting


My mother-in-law has a favourite chicken gravy boat – we couldn’t help but think of her when we saw this. We picked up a few hand painted pieces for our home as a souvenir and still love them!

Stairs. Lots of stairs.


Since the towns are basically built into cliffs, be prepared to climb a ton of stairs! It’s totally worth it, though!



Lemons grow pretty much everywhere along the coast but Amalfi boasts these massive lemons, known as Sfusato. They make the most delicious limoncello you’ve ever tasted!

Boat Rides

IMG_0794 R

We took a boat from Positano to Amalfi, along the coast. What a perfect (and inexpensive) way to see the houses and towns along the coast. The ride was about 7 Euro each.


We loved our time in the Amalfi Coast! We are thinking about renewing our vows there next year during our trip.



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