Our Next Adventure

Every May for the last few years we take a two week trip to Europe. This year we are going to explore Amsterdam, Barcelona and Portugal.

Neither of us has been to Amsterdam or Barcelona. Do you have any tips, tricks or recommendations?

We visited Lisbon last year and absolutely loved it! We know for sure we’re landing in Lisbon and we have to make our way back to fly home, but we’d love to see more of Portugal. The biggest problem we’re having is that we only have three days. Any suggestions?


8 thoughts on “Our Next Adventure

  1. I love Amsterdam and Barcelona (haven’t been to Portugal yet)! When you’re in Amsterdam, it’s so bike friendly and great fun to hire one to get around. If you’re thinking of visiting the Anne Frank House, don’t wait in the queue – head back later in the day/evening and the queue should be a fraction of what it was earlier. Barcelona is my favourite city, and if you want to visit Sagrada Familia (which I’d recommend), prebook tickets so you don’t have to join the queue. The audio guide is amazing and gives the whole building a deeper sense of meaning. Also, don’t have tapas on Las Ramblas and stop in La Boqueria for a meal or two 🙂 Hope you have an amazing time!


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