A Rome Favourite – Piazza Navona

It’s hard to pick a favourite piazza in Rome. Each are unique and have their own vibe, but I must admit the Piazza Navona is my absolute favourite! Here’s why:

The Fountains


There are three fountains in the Piazza Navona, one on either end and one in the centre. At the south end is the Fontana del Moro, at the north is the Fountain of Neptune. Both beautiful, but the centre fountain, Fountana dei Quattro Fuimi (Fountain of Four Rivers), by Bernini is the piece de resistance. The four rivers depicted are the Danube, Nile, Rio de la Plata and Gagnes. Above them, an Egyptian obelisk.

The History


The piazza was built entirely on the interior of the Stadium of Domitian, which was used mostly for athletic games and explains the long and oval shape. If you walk to the north end of the piazza, you can see remains of 1st Century stadium as the city built up and around it.

The Energy

There is something specific about the energy in the Piazza Navona. You can walk in from all four sides and come upon a wave of it. You’ll see large crowds, entertainers, painters, kids, couples and more! Even though the piazza was a market in the 15th Century, it still hosts the Christmas Market.

And it’s even more beautiful at night.


When you visit the piazza, grab a gelatto, stroll and take it all in!


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